It’s here where it all begun. At our hometown in Austria – Bad Gastein. It was a snowy winter when one of us told that the rest of market is producing clothing that didn’t fit on a cold winter day. Few days later – boom – the very first FAS.C hoodie was designed and ready to produce. Since that day, we reach out to more people every year just because those people believe in what we stand for. It is nothing more than the belief that there is the perfect clothing somewhere out there, waiting for us to produce it.

It has been an unbelievable journey so far and that is the main reason why we keep on struggling and improving. The mindset that the journey itself is better than the destination has led us so far, so it’s a proof for us, that we’re on the right way.


About Us

Formed in 2009, FASC is a brand comitted to bringing quality apparel to the snow culture. FASC is made up of a diverse group of individuals all sharing common goals and dreams. In a short ammount of time FASC has grown from a well thought out plan into a brand that is now recognized on an international level! FASC Tallhoodies are perfect for every situation.

Its onley because of our “now or never” attitude and the continued support of our industry and community of friends, that we are able to perserve the momentum and drive it takes to keep our doors open. We incorporate facets of our daily lives and are inspired by our daily struggles. Skiing inspired us to make more dope Tallhoodies, Tall Tees and Outerwear for freeskiing and snowboarding.

One World – One Love – One FAS.C

About our Cut & Sew

During the last years, we have developed our own manual cuts, so we can make sure that every FASC item will fit perfectly.

We manufacture our products in cooperation with small european Companies, a synergie that has grown really powerfull during the last couple of years. With their help we can produce our own fabrics with strict definition of color and quality.

Exploitation of workers and child labor is definitely out of the question!!

We visit our productions nearly everydays to make sure everything is good, because at the end of the day it´s us as wall who wear those amazing clothes and we want to do that with pride!!!

All of our Tallhoodies , Tall Tees and Outerwear Stuff is 100% Made in Europe

My Favorite Garment

Isn´t it the little things in life that make it worth living?

Little things that bring a smile on your face when you think about them?

Little things like a piece of FAS.C clothing.

But not just a piece. It´s more.

It´s your favourite piece.

It carries your smell, the blood from your hard learned tricks,

the perfume of your girlfriend (boyfriend) ….. everything.

It´s a part of you.

You even wear it the day after a hard party night although it smells like beer.

Something you associate so many things with.

Like a best friend or a simple melody.

Something you want to wear all day and all night long. All the time. Everywhere.

A good good garment is hard to find.

But you can be proud, because you got it with FAS.C