Red Bull Crashed Ice Twins Dean and Dylan Moriarity

Red Bull Crashed Ice twins Dean and Dylan Moriarity

Red Bull Crashed Ice twins Dean and Dylan Moriarity divulge their rivalry.

Dylan and Dean are sport’s ultimate brothers in arms.

Friends off the ice and foes on it, the pair battle with each other in everything they do from Red Bull Crashed Ice to a simple game of ping pong, a rivalry that can even translate to the dance floor.

But the 22-year-old Canadian twins are two of the leading lights of the series, which is spawning a litany of brothers – they consider the Croxalls friends, and rivalry is brewing with the Dallagos, plus there’s the Dugerdil and Schmitt brothers.
Of their own fraternal rivalry, Dean says: “We have a competitive edge, like I’m sure the other brothers do. With us we always try to compete when training together, push each other harder and harder.

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017

“If you’re alone in the gym then you’re not really pushing yourself as hard. So, when I see him do more weight or something different, I kind of want to one-up him.”

Of the wider battle of the brothers in the series, which heads to Saint Paul, Minnesota, this weekend, his brother adds: “We also travel with the Croxalls so, we’re friends off the ice but definitely rivals on it – we have to beat them. The Dallagos are right up there as well, they’re two of the best.”

The pairing have yet to properly make their mark this season but plan to do so on the ice this weekend.
While they will speak about the upcoming event in Saint Paul, they draw the line at laying out their exact tactics to one another.

“We talk about race lines and discuss different features of the track, and how we’re going to tackle each part,” explains Dylan “But for the race as a whole we don’t really plan together.

Red Bull Crashed Ice 2017

“If we’re racing each other it’s not we like we say ‘right, I’m gonna do this, you’re gonna do that’. It’s an individual sport so that’s how we compete, as individuals.

“If we happen to finish one-two then that’s a bonus. In Saint Paul a couple of years ago we were in the semis together and there was no love lost…he smoked me.”

Both, though, are geared up for the necessary competition. They relish each other’s company on tour, in their minds it helps relieve any possible boredom between races and events by battling it out in every sport imaginable: ping pong, tennis, golf and chess to name a few.
Whatever the format, Dylan say: “We like the two-person sports because we’re always together. It’s pure competitive, we don’t want to lose.”
Inevitably, such a fraternal rivalry occasionally spills over with Dean explaining that any grudge never lasts long – “We’re mad at each other for about a day and then that’s it, it’s over”.

They share everything: a meal out, a night at the cinema, currently they even share a car.
As for who boasts the edge in various formats of their lives, Dylan is the fastest skater and the stronger in the gym while Dean is the better when it comes to cardio work and being explosive out of the blocks, plus boasts the better stamina…marginally.
And as for the finer points of life, Dean claims to party the hardest, Dylan typically the designated driver on a night out, although both insist any partying is in check until after the Saint Paul races.
The one area they’re apparently even is on the dancefloor. Dean adds: “We like to dance especially at the after parties. Most of the athletes like to dance so it’s always fun to party with those guys.”
One suspects the Moriaritys like to wipe the floor with their brotherly rivals whether it’s a dance or ice one.