#FASC Family

Become part of FAS.C Family

FAS.C is only as big as our family is, and we are willing to prove that we believe in this statement. We want YOU to be part of our brand and that’s what #FASC Family is all about. Spread our vision!

How do I join the #FASC Family?

Take a photo of yourself wearing FAS.C apparel and tag it with #fasc on instagram. It’s as easy as that!

What’s in it for me?

Every week, among all the tagged photos, we choose one who gets a special gift from us. It might be a beanie, T-shirt or even a hoodie! Every tagged photo will be visible on www.fascwear.com as well. The winners will be announced every week on our facebook page.

I tagged a photo, when will it show up on the site?

Normally within 24 hours. We screen all photos manually to check if the photo follows our guidelines and that a FAS.C product is present.

Can I increase my chances to win?

We like storytelling. A picture is worth a thousand words, but how many pictures can one word bring to mind? Tell us the story behind the picture in order to win our sympathy.


#fasc on instagram


Are there any rules?

Sexually explicit images don’t get published, neither do images that contain hateful or racist content. The FAS.C logo or a FAS.C Product must be visible on the photo.  Feel free to ask your friends to like your image. Be civil. Comments that are hateful or racist, or that are meant to demean or hurt people will be deleted.

The legal part

In plain text: when you tag a photo with #FASC, we’d like to use it for marketing purposes. We use them in a way that’s flattering to us, and therefore (hopefully) flattering to you as well. You still have ownership of your photo and by submitting it you say that it’s okay for us to use it where we think it fits our brand. For example we use the photos to promote our Products depicted in the photo. We print them out and decorate the walls in our headquarter with them. The “third parties” we’re talking about are for example marketing partners when we do collaborations or our distributors in the countries where we are represented. Sometimes we’ll need to alter the photos, like cropping them, but we always have the flattering aspect in mind. We’re never out to harm you. We’re all about the family thing.

In legal terms: By submitting your photographs you grant to FAS.C full rights to use the photographs. The grant of these rights does not entitle you to any form of compensation regardless of the extent of any subsequent exploitation of the photograph. The grant of rights is irrevocable and without time limitations or other restrictions, and gives FAS.C the right to freely use the photograph, in whole or in part, in all forms and independent of production- and/or dissemination techniques, including but not limited to by making copies and publishing the photograph in printed marketing materials, on the FAS.C website and on other websites on the Internet. The grant of rights also gives FAS.C the right to, either itself or through others (i) change or modify the photograph (ii) use the photograph together with other materials including but not limited to, text, pictures and other photographs and (iii) sublicense all its rights to the photograph to third parties. You are aware of and accept that the photograph and your name may be used by FAS.C and/or third parties in marketing and/or in connection with other commercial contexts. By submitting the photograph you certify that you are the owner of or have the full rights to the photograph including the full right to grant to FAS.C the rights granted herein. You further certify that the photograph will not infringe upon any party’s rights or otherwise be illegal, offensive, abusive or defamatory. You also certify that any other persons than yourself depicted on the photograph have consented to the submission of the photograph to FASC and use of their image and names for commercial purposes. You are aware that FAS.C has the right but is under no obligation to use the photograph, and that FAS.C decides at its own discretion to what extent and in what ways the photograph will be used.