Freeskiings stereotypes

Let’s look back, where freeskiing started off. A few skiers which were part of the us mogul and aerial skiing teams started to go to the “snowboard parks” and simply messed around and tried new things. The sport had progressed into every single direction and everyone simply had a hell of a time trying new things pushing himself and the sport.

As the time moved on, two new types of skiers “developed”, so called “comp skiers” and “film skiers”. In the beginning of this development a lot of pros could still be counted to both categories, but with the contest season getting tighter and tighter year after year, the pros simply had to decide on what to focus on. Luckily, in the last few years the comp scene started to change quite a bit and with competitions like the “B&E Invitational” or “Red Bull ReDirect” film skiers finally got the opportunity to succeed at larger scaled competitions.

skiers put into boxes

One thing that did not change though – we still classify skiers on a style and trick level. Over the years some “types of skiers” developed and a lot of skiers started to adapt to those. Certain types of skiers are then expected to do certain types of tricks, and this is where the problem starts.

Not doing tricks because they don’t fit your style or don’t look good, is the worst thing one can do. Every single aspect of freeskiing and skiing in general is beautiful in its own way. Opening our minds to all the different types of skiing is the key to becoming a better skier and maybe also an opportunity to explore other fun parts of our sport we didn’t even think of before. There is a reason our beloved sport is called freeskiing, it is all about the freedom to do whatever the fuck you want.

the future of our sport

All in all, skiing is all about having a good time. This unfortunately is a thing which people who are not participating in our sport often enough will overlook. Most of the edits and movies are focusing on purely amazing skiing, but they usually don’t show the amazing time most of us had skiing, or when finally landing the trick we tried for hours and hours.

The future of our sport always are the ones who aren’t yet participating in it. Most people only know our sport through the X Games, Olympics, or videos like Candide Thovex’s “One of those Days” showing an unbelievable high level of riding. Therefore, the first thought those people get then is that they would NEVER be able to do something like this which will then stop them from even trying out the sport. Freeskiing simply became untouchable for the masses and we need to find a way to get people interested in it.

Otherwise less and less people will participate in our sport and we will slowly see our sport dying. Snowparks will be replaced by fun slopes, core companies will have to face falling income causing pros to get less support.

what we can do

The good thing though is that everyone of us can help in stopping this development. Stop hating on “jerrys”, even if they can be quite annoying, offer them support, tell them how things work out and simply be happy for them having a good time. If you see someone struggling with a trick, simply give them some tips. Don’t be an asshole to beginners, be nice to them and don’t look down to them. Everyone had to start at some point and staying motivated during the beginning is surely one of the hardest things, especially when you somehow can feel a sort of hierarchy in the parks.

In the end, we are all just skiers having a good time doing the thing we love.