the heroes behind Nine Royals

The heroes behind the castle

The well known freestyle events “Nine Knights” and “Nine Queens”, which were organised by the famous german freeskier Nico Zacek and his team, have been brought together. The new event “Nine Royals” is now hosting both men and women from the 27th of March to the 1st of April in Watles, Italy.


The new Royals Castle is specifically designed to create an incredible playground pushing the creativity and skills of the pros. It includes two massive big air kickers, two hips, countless transitions, redirects and jibs. Some of the world’s best freeskiers and snowboarders, as well as extraordinary photographers and film makers, gather for a week long session of shooting and incredible ridingand ending in the grand finale, the big air competition.

Whilst we all see the great performances of the athletes, the heroes behind a pure work of art like the Nine Royals castle are often forgotten. The work and passion it takes to make a project of this size become reality is simply breathtaking.
Our Latvian bro Kaspars Daleckis, an amazing photographer, videographer and also part of the “shape crew” which built this work of art, provided us with some exclusive pictures, documenting the building process of the castle.