Men behind FAS.C

Our Fam

FAS.C started as a friends‘ project. And today, more than 5 years later, it is still the very same: a friends‘ thing. We are just a bunch of people who share the same values, the same ideals, the same passions. And we truly enjoy what we’re doing. That’s probably one of the reasons why FAS.C will never get old and keeps on developing. FAS.C is more than just a company to us, this is our love, the thing we really care about. And luckily there are people out there who think the same way – our family. Those people are the fuel to our engine, they make us move forward and help us get better each and every day.

Over the years we have understood what our brand is really about. It’s not about clothing, it’s not about freesking or snowboarding in particular – it’s about a certain way of living. Let’s not make money, but memories. We strongly believe that life is too short to waste time on things, which neither satisfy nor fulfill us. It is time to get rid of these things and free ourselves from all the obstacles that hold us back. Let‘s start flying. Let’s be colourful instead of black and white. Let’s feel free. This is what we stand for. Join us for brighter streets.

Georg Moser

Apart from his love to good food he also loves to talk about ideas. FAS.C was also one of those ideas he came up with many years ago and convinced the right people. A visionary spirit with outstanding ability to persuade people in a good way. Will start a project right away and always wants to see things happen fast, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Also a great person to talk about various kinds of topics and always finding the same language.

Lukas Pirnbacher

If anyone has an idea how things really work, it’s our man Lukas. With an eye for details and outstanding ability to maintain overview he slowly leads others in the right direction. Excellent ability to understand problems and create the right solutions. Probably the most Intelligent and well-informed man in our modest team. Small talks would bore him, he’d rather talk about world problems and why people first invented skis.

Marco Mayer aka. Nussi

It’s hard to write something about Nussi, because even his mother couldn’t describe him. A man so simple he often confuses people with his boldness. Outspoken and idealistic character with no claims nor expectations. He could argue just about anything, starting with the right temperature of winter and ending up with the reason why tourists carry their skis wrong. You probalby wont get to the same resolution, but it was definitely a fun talk.

Valters Pukitis

He’s the man behind our visual output. He’s the one who designs our freaky hoodies, creates all the colourful images and takes care of our online appearance. Calling him our graphic designer would be nothing but understatement – he is an artist, driven by the strong belief that true perfection and sheer beauty are somewhere out there, just waiting to be found. Furthermore Valters is our silent rebel, always willing to think outside the box and riot with grace. Not a man of many words, but a man of true words.